Autonomy in relation to the Spiritual Path.

Adyashanti writes about this and I agree with him. Unlike Adya my first guiding teachers on the path to awakening were authors of books. They seemed to favour the path that woke them up and viewed alternatives as useless. On later reflection, and internet searching when it became available, these authors did not always practice what they preached and I lost faith in them. It was not until many years later that I met several awakened folk, and found it was interesting, enlightening and disappointing; they were not saints and not enlightened in a rounded embodied sense.

The path to awakening is unique to the individual. There are many similarities and wide paths like the major religions with mystical side paths that lead to more truthful gnosis. Much meandering seems normal for many sincere seekers and for me it was at times a down right minefield of truth with BS bombs a plenty.

No physical teacher can be with you 24/7…..obvious. As the years go by one acclimatizes to one’s own inner radar avoiding the BS, subtle marketing and ‘I’ve made it but you will never in this life, so require my spiel and satsangs regularly to make me feel enlightened’, the glassy eyed adoring fan meme.

For me prayers help to whatever inspires me; taking breaks and just watching tv during times of WTF do I do now; intuition or gut feelings regarding what to read or practice. Above all even though I do not know when the cliff moment will come, that’s the no going back of seeing the truth instead of backsliding into the head and ego, I just have the intention of paradoxically keeping on keeping on whilst surrendering to this with humour, anger, lust, frustration, love etc.

Career Advice With Spiritual Help.

Mercury is in Scorpio and maybe that’s affecting my thinking and reflection at the moment. This morning I was ruminating over my lousy ‘A’ level results at school. In the UK if you stayed on at school, most left at 16, you were in the sixth form from 16 to 18.

I studied English Lit., Geography (did not do ‘O’ level) and History. And for two years hard work whilst also enjoying my sporting interests I got enough grades to go to Polytechnic. My goal had been a good University. My choice of degree was business studies which was an ill suited path which covered economics, statistical maths, computer science and generally teaching me to be a cut throat entrepreneur and numbers person.

At 16-17 I thought that was the reasonable thing to do but no one, even careers advice from school and else where, never mentioned that my skills were more humanities based and my temperament more gentle that go getting.

The story is long tedious and convoluted and I will save you the spiel. But here I am. I can read and string some sentences with my mild dyslexia, have college diplomas yet am skilled in areas self taught and more to my natural inclinations.

My point the West needs to look to the East to guide its progeny. To have a natal astrology reading for an infant is invaluable. Take the time to study astrology if you are open minded enough and you’ll see it’s effectiveness. Also a reading from a clairvoyant with a good track record of guiding people can be very helpful for career guidance. There are many other intuitive methods neither am I ruling out plain old reasoning and common sense.

From an early age we could also include in the curriculum yoga and meditation to balance out competitive sports that seem to be the thing in the West,┬áself-healing via Reiki, divination, meditation, Self-Enquiry etc. I know some freer thinking independent schools have employed these methods but it needs to be for every child. The model of producing little business people; my nephew has to wear a jacket, collar and tie to school and looks like he has stepped out of Wall Street, is dead But how many ‘make it’. Whilst my other nephew works whilst still at University in a supermarket amongst graduates. Enough graduate jobs are just not here in the UK and have not been for 30 years I can attest to that.

This has to stop! Young people deserve to enter an adult life which has meaning and fulfilment not slavedom to big corp. and its hierarchical nonsense. Rant over. ­čÖé

Let’s not allow our youth to stumble too much to find the right path, we were all born with innate skills from past lives and with skilful higher senses we can guide them in a productive direction to become compassionate and fulfilled citizens of a brighter future where co-operation and environmental and other species respect replaces the attitude of me first and f**k everyone and everything else.

It’s been a while.

Even though we are all source awareness ( a Timothy Conway phrase) the mind still plays it’s tricks. I am dedicated to see my sadhana through. I believe in a relative life after death and relatively we are souls; it is just a label but it seems to help at the moment.

After completing an online forum where one is guided to see through the self; the ‘self’ as a struggling mind still arises all well and good here and with it certain compulsions to alleviate suffering aka chronic tension. Thankfully I am working with this relative shadow self. I am observing the personnas in this cylce of ┬ádealing with them. I am not fighting them off or trying to fix things.

This all seems so slow to ‘me’ after so many joyful openings and peace. But it ain’t over till it is. Paradoxically it is over and never began lol from the absolute view.

I am using a mantra again, one given via email from a seasoned well educated realized person. Email you may say. Yes and from my 25 years of spiritual endeavour with grace it’s powerful and helping smooth some kundalini issues I’ve had.

As a man I admire says ‘see you on the flip side’.



Any one who has suffered intense pain knows how it just takes over all of experience. My back went out yesterday. I’ve experienced this before, the stabbing pain is all consuming and yet here was this ‘I’ awareness holding this. Knowing this awful pain.

Bliss or pain….. awareness is there always….our true nature. No effort required for awareness, our ground to be known.

Realizing it is the wide open space for everything to be.

No Self

There is no self, just this experience as it is from moment to moment. A patterning on and in a screen of nothing.

A vibratory web or net of ever changing conscious energy; a continuous surge of becoming, being and evaporating.

Without a centre.

All Is You.

‘I’ as awareness is that which remains as its objectless self unchanging. Once realized that ‘I’ the ego mind of identification which is ever changing thought, memory, experience, body attachment is not you but rather the awareness ‘I’ is, peace and silence become more pre-dominant in moments especially where others are absent.

Then there is the realization that all this is in fact you….this ‘I’ awareness. The material paradigm is a nonsense all is Awareness, Consciousness, Self. A sense of other collapses.

Love and joy then become more of an on going experience. As everything is you and all is as it should be moment by moment by moment.


Keep being aware that all that is sensed is sensed by objectless presence. Everything and everybody encountered is done so by sensing, there are no ‘things’ outside that. Even with psychic phenomena that to is only experienced by our senses.

Sensing is only known in awareness. Sensing is awareness. Hence all perceived things are this very same awareness. Hence not two, non duality.