Shaktipat and Awakening Part 2

I had some previous experience of spontaneous movement qigong which was weird. The insight was there is an energy…chi that moves us and if we relax sufficiently this chi/energy moves the body in certain ways to release tension and open energy pathways or meridians as well as energy spots or chakras. These movements are not premeditated they happen by themselves.

Spontaneous qigong was a precursor to experiencing shaktipat. I feel and believe shaktipat is merely receiving the same energy…chi, but in a really amplified form.

So I sat reading this book ‘The Knee of Listening’ (see Part 1 in this series) and prayed to the Divine to experience the same as the students of Nityananda had received i.e. shakti.  Within seconds my body began moving quite vigorously as I looked at a picture in the book. I was sitting as this happened, while practicing spontaneous qigong I had stood through the process.

Over the next weeks and months I relaxed into a sadhana where I sat and as soon as I did kundalini kriyas would move my body into yogic postures, there would be speaking in tongues, energy would be felt running in my spine and I experienced past life recall.  Each session differed from the last.

A part of me thought I was going mad, another part felt relaxed and had confidence in the process having gone through the qigong exercises earlier.

Today the kriyas are more subtle compared to those early days. In a way looking back I wish I had had a guide, but the theme of my spiritual path so far has been working alone; mainly with esoteric books and my own inner energy.

Next I will write about my journey with Reiki and how this enhanced in particular ways my earlier experiences with the shakti.



Shaktipat and Awakening Part 1

I have had the grace of receiving shaktipat. Shakti or Divine energy permeates every thing, it is the energy of the Universe. I bought a book in a UK charity shop in the mid 90’s called ‘The Knee of Listening’ by Da Free John who since the writing of this book in the 70’s had changed his name several times. Da Free John was an American who as far as I can remember had experiences of what he called the ‘bright’ as a child and which he subsequently realized was the underlying energy/consciousness of reality.

Da Free John later met as a young man a dealer in Eastern artifacts mainly of a religious type called Rudhi. Rudhi had gone to India and had met a realized person there called Bhagavan Nityananda. Nityananda gave Rudhi the spiritual baptism of shaktipat which started a process of inner clearing and awakening of Rudhi’s energy body and consciousness. This process in India was recognized as a kick starter to awakening kundalini.

Back in New York Rudhi set up an Eastern antiques dealership being supplied by a devotee of Nityananda’s. Rudhi held meetings or satsangs where he sat on a stage in his shop and gave shaktipat just through his meditative presence. Da Free John met up with Rudhi and would over time receive shaktipat from him. Eventually Da Free John met another disciple of Nityananda’s, Muktananda in Ganeshpuri India. Da Free John considered Muktananda as his teacher but later reneged this acknowledgement and went onto write that he had attained a higher spiritual state than Muktananda.

In my opinion Da Free John was an eloquent and highly intelligent man but still had less than subtle attachment to his ego. Some would go as far and argue he suffered from megalomania later in life.

So back to this book. It is a long time since I read it but its impact is still doing its do on me or should I say the Shakti is as I received quite a jolt of Shakti from just reading it and looking at the many photos in the book. Following this initiation just by having this book I experienced years of kundalini kriyas and other inner and outer events that awakened me to my/your true nature.  These occurrences are still on going.

I will leave it there and continue in Part 2 which will be a series on ‘Shaktipat and Awakening’ that will include my thoughts and feelings on Reiki.