‘Alfie’ at Belas Knap

I’m looking after my partner’s son’s Bedlington Whippet ‘Alfie’ today and tomorrow. Any one familiar with this breed of dog will know they are rather highly strung and need lots of exercise and attention….mind you Alf is a Leo and likes being in the limelight.

Alf was a good excuse for me to get out of hermit mode and go and visit a favorite place called Belas Knap, 16 miles away in Gloucestershire. As part of a dowsing assignment I went to the Knap for the first time on a Full Moon in October 2014 . The energies were dowsed to be beneficial and I felt like I was on a meditative high standing on top of the long barrow.

Our ancestors knew a thing or two about earth energies that give off certain healing vibrations. Belas Knap is on such a area. The Knap is apparently aligned with Uranus on a major ley line going through the middle of England called ‘The Duke Line’.

Belas Knap Wikipedia

Read ‘Heaven on Earth’ part way down.

The Duke Line

Hedge Druid

I also believe there was an antediluvian civilization that was highly advanced having knowledge of the Sciences and Arts that may have surpassed what we know today. This civ. could have passed on its knowledge to our megalithic ancestors hence all the aligned megaliths we see today to the stars and along earth energy lines. Earlier more advanced structures on earth energy lines may have been destroyed in the aftermath of a global catastrophe over 12,000 years ago.

Graham Hancock

Brien Foerster

We arrived back to the car both soaked from the persistent English drizzle. Back home Alfie had his breakfast and I enjoyed my pipe in the garage whilst occasionally throwing Alfie his ‘kong’ in the back garden. Belas Knap certainly gave us a nice boost.

Though Alfie is asleep now next to me as I type this.