What if we don’t make it?

A concern I have is not having a deeper stable realization before I shuffle off. This concern is allayed somewhat with my experience of life after death. Not much is said about the after death state in Western Non duality.

Coming from a family of psychics, my maternal Grandmother was ‘extremely psychic’, my mother is a healing medium teacher trained via the Spiritualists’ National Union and myself having trained as a clairvoyant with Debra Lynne Katz I am fortunate to know there are other relative dimensions where the mind/soul goes after ‘death’.

Having had OBEs as a child and visited astral dimensions as well as having a NDE later on I am confident there will be an opportunity to continue my sadhana in these other places or vibratory frequencies if I don’t make it.

Buddhism mentions the Purelands and I do believe these are real places; as ‘real’ as the Earthplane and so provide excellent environs for liberation; with intention one may go there after ‘death’.

I’m writing this just to say keep on keeping on and do not despair! We get a second bite at the liberation cherry and do not necessarily have to incarnate again in a lower density experience program like the ‘physical universe’.