Your Innate Felt Freedom

Deep in your

Heart of hearts

There you are!


Closing down, losing

This feeling is Ok!

It’s natural, it’s the

Human condition.


We’re all flawed


The heart is thus

Veiled temporarily.


Just feel-remember

Your right sided heart*.

A no center, blissful

Spacious and free.


Your Self!


* Note: as mentioned by Robert Adams.


Pitfalls of Comparison Mundane and Spiritual.


I’ve been in the spiritual enlightenment game for 25 years now…..a middling amount compared to my parent’s ‘Boomer’ hippy generation of TMers, who have been meditating and seeking far longer.

I liked to think that the Summer of Love 1967 was a great year. I was born in the August of that year. Yet astrologically those of us born around then have had to deal with the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo….a difficult energy combo to have at birth I’ve been told and from experience agree with.


The Uranus/Pluto people

Career Challenges for the Pluto-Uranus in Virgo Generation

Born in the 60s

Ironic whilst the hippies enjoyed their thing with LSD and spliffs whether in fields or student dens us kids and new borns were destined for far more different and maybe difficult experiences such as 1990’s job losses, new wars, no pension plans due to banking crashes and more environmental crises.

Even the free fun stuff was off the menu. Unlike our over sexed hippy forebears we suffered the consequences with AIDs and HIV. The late 80s and early 90’s tv ads on AIDs  made sure we were all wearing condoms during sex, giving us a message that having sex was life threatening.

We the X Generation were supposed to ‘save’ the world with our rebelliousness and cynicism, inventiveness, Virgonian practicality and ability to see through the fallacy of never ending economic growth; at the expense of the environment, and improve people’s rights to have a community life and more leisure time rather than working crazy shift work patterns that destroy family life for greedy 1%ers (more like 0.01% ers) aka the corporatocracy globalists.

Ironically many, though not all, of my generation gladly stepped onto the consumerist brainwashing bandwagon. My generation bought into the housing boom with alacrity and greed thus encouraging house prices to go higher and higher. In doing so they have made it difficult for their kids to find decent affordable housing that is not the size of a rabbit hutch.

Yet I cannot realistically compare my folk’s generation to mine each has their pros and cons. Nor slag off my own generation. Each came in with perfect timing. Such is the knowledge gained from spiritual insight and studying astrology. Maybe I am just having a venting day.

As for comparing people’s timing of liberation. I can get fed up and depressed when I play the game of comparison as younger folk go free aka liberated spiritually having done what appears like less leg work. But then there are lifetimes and karma to consider and maybe they earned their peace who knows. Else I’m just a stubborn cus.

Yes I’ll keep my nose down and carry with me what I’ve already realized…’s been a hard road but it has been worth it and I’ll carry on and seek the heart rather than the head and avoid mainstream news 🙂

Each of us are liberated eventually at the right time from the Matrix of consensus reality.

‘Roads go ever ever on
Under cloud and under star
Yet feet that wandering have gone
Turn at last to home afar.
Eyes that fire and sword have seen
And horror in the halls of stone
Look at last on meadows green
And trees and hills they long have known’

‘The Hobbit’ JRR Tolkein

The only expert…


Gandalf our beloved Scottish Deerhound RIP. A magical being.

The only expert is yourself. Kings and Queens, Rinpoches and Satgurus all just point to the moon whether it’s the moon of materiality and kingdoms or the spiritual ground of stabilized awareness embodied.

With a lot of prayer and sincerity for us mere mortals who need decades to awaken and stabilize we keep on keeping on until there is that unrelenting flow of accepting non self isness expressing as love and wisdom.

The initial awakening supports us. I read that Kalu Rinpoche recommended to remember that first awakening and keep going back to that, certainly not so much the place of and people there definitely the awareness of awakeness, clarity and knowing that the jewel of the ground of being was there…and still is here.

My faith is continually restored by the small things in life, my partner bringing me a hot drink in the morning at 6.00am; my Mother’s take away food she lovingly gives me when I visit and the photos of our Deerhound Gandalf, now over the Rainbow bridge, nudging me from his image to remember good times and great walks.

Amongst the seeming madness there is grace operating… areas we may need reminding of.

Can you choose to love now?



I recently listened to an Adyashanti guided meditation I downloaded from Sounds True. Only a 15 minute guided meditation but a real help. Adya used the phrase ‘I choose to love now’.

A simple phrase but can also be a powerful heart opener. After awakening we can get stuck in a rather nice peaceful ‘place’ which is transcendent, mentally quiet, bodily relaxing yet not juicy. It’s the initial awakening to our non personal nature.

I’ve had short experiences of being this flow state, the longest lasting a week, maybe others get into it for months or years. Yet it’s not the end though. The state of balance that is the witness to all that is is still attached to a body relatively speaking.

Diving deeper and down we come to the expression of consciousness via the heart center. Phrases like Adya’s can unlock this heart expression; a natural occurrence as egocentricity wanes.

The spiritual heart awakened is not the end as there is still a lowering of the awakening process to the hara.  It is a nice place to hang out as the heart keeps cycling back to open and deepen it’s breadth of love as life continues.