Already On Your Throne.

Mountain of Spiritual

Attainment soars



A peak unattainable,

Only for giants such as

Your heroines and heroes.




The get out card

Is the seat you

Sit on…magical!


The ground of your

Own Being here and



You already aware

As perfect nature.

Transparent witness.

To all this.


You as the Base

Camp of Consciousness,

On the pathless recognition









Being Home.

Coming back to what you are, that’s the key. Garab Dorje is a being who pointed us to see who/what we are. We see/feel/know this ‘personally’ then all we do is refocus on this innate enlightened already ground of seeing/feeling/knowing.

The beauty is that each closing or clouding via attraction or aversion, compulsion etc…..aka the suffering that life is, as Buddha taught in the First Noble Truth, is a memo to come back to the hearth of our already enlightened state. A fundamental ground that is relaxing, joyful and wise. Empty yet full. Ironic and paradoxical. A Yin Yang matrix.