Even the relative ‘I’

Is the eye of the



All seeing, all doing.

To even suggest to

Stop and open



Still the grace of Itself.

Full blossomed yoni,

Engulfing and birthing.


Capturing male ego,

Milking its wonder years

To old age and fear of loss,

Or love of liberation.


Ultimate She Devil

Dancing on breasts

And balls alike.


Her gifts are everything.

The Natal Chart, Transits and Self Realization



I am not a professional astrologer, but I am well versed with my natal chart. I am also well versed with ‘me’, my foibles, good and bad points more so now during my Chiron return. My chart as I look into it and the timing of transits is revealing as to the synchronicity of events in my life, thoughts and emotions.  Some coincidences have literally put me on my knees. The pattern of the planets, and asteroids and their energetic and archetypal meanings have mirrored my distant and near past experiences uncannily.

The hot potato of free will. More and more what is being revealed here is that there is no real choice. My study of astrology is showing me as above so below. That a cosmic plan is occurring way above and beyond my egoic understanding. The Consciousness of the Absolute holds the energy and moves it as it chooses, this appears as the multi dimensional levels and our physical universe as well as our body-minds. Astrology is a spiritual tool that reveals this to a seeker as and when the Ultimate and its expression behoves.

I am in no way saying this is the truth as I believe that cannot be expressed only felt, but have read and considered the words of Ramana Maharshi, Wei Wu Wei, Galen Sharpe, Timothy Conway and Ramesh Balsekar; of which do seem to point to a way of seeing the world that leads to contentment and peace in the conclusion that personal doership is an illusion.

As for the moral and ethical implications of this I will leave this out as this is yet another hot potato or rather 1000 degree steel ball.

Astrology, my spin as these above authors do not in my reading so far mention the subject, can be a doorway to this realisation of no self and non doer ship.

That all timing is or could be Divine Mother’s timing.

Before The Dawn.

The greatest threat to the status quo is the awakening of humanity to it’s true nature. Once seen through hierarchy is known as an artifice. The control mechanisms against the masses awakening are well designed and ages long in their fine tuning .

I won’t go into details, do your own research; that’s if the stars allow you to see down the rabbit hole.

I do advise dear reader to keep on keeping on. Discover your inner resources inbuilt through your chakras, nadis and bindus which lie over the ground of pure being and extend your chi infinitely; realize you’re already complete Being, you’re own Sovereignty.

Then be a walking, talking, peaceful and  compassionate aid to others as and when the circumstances arise.

Be careful and honest though, fluffy happy clappy will not do. You cannot fake it to make it.

Be the Cosmos and also be the grounded Earth.