Your Display.

Amazing how complicated the story of enlightenment can be. What you have to do to get there and what you don’t do to avoid being left out this life time to finding or attaining that happy peace.

Efforting is useful, the kicker however is to question who is the one or what is the efforter?

To save time just realize what is looking at these words, this spiel, is the already awake awareness that has always been you; behind the mental facade of the ego, persona, actor.

The Direct Path is seeing this, you as already awake awareness and standing as that, refuting the relative actions of the ego persona as just that….relative and changeable whilst the screen of presence, the real ‘you’ is and has always been switched on.

Switched off aka the state of suffering is always temporary as we have glimpses of our innate happiness via orgasm, getting what we want (a feeling that is short lived until the next toy we want but never the less a window to remember), seeing a beautiful sunset, walking in a serene forest, eating ice cream etc.

Knowing the fact that all perception is received by you as cognizant presence that the material universe is really your perception and has no objective reality apart from its experience, experienced again by you….Awareness.

Thus the evidence is there is nothing else than this unfolding as it is; including inner fantasy, OBE’s NDE’s, kundalini kriyas and other such or similar fireworks.



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