You Never Know What’s Round the Corner.

Today I did my weekly pilgrimage to my parents. I like to do that as I’m not sure how long we have together. Both Mom and Dad are in their 70’s and time seems more precious now as their years dwindle.

However there was the reminder that today on my car trip that we never know when our time is up. The photo below shows a picture captured by my dashcam. A lorry is on my side of the road coming around a 90 degree bend. I know the route so well and from past experiences at this corner with on coming traffic I always slow down. Glad I did.


Lorry cunt

Thankfully I was being mindful and the lorry driver whether through luck or judgment had angled his lorry away from my car.

When our time is up our time is up, today it was not my turn. Such as it is living on the razor’s edge we call life.

Funny though amongst all this madness everything is as it should be…… numpty drivers and all.