Levels, Ups and Downs, Marathons and Grace.

For the purist you are either awake to your true nature or not. Therefore to assume one is awake and still have suffering points to the fact you are not from this hard line.

I go with the personal experience that there are levels to awakening. I awoke in 1999 to my true/your true nature and have experienced since then a lot of suffering both physical and psychological.

At times I have experienced profound unconditional peace, open hearted love for all and have been witness to the flowing nature of life just as it is with no sense of a self being experienced.

The closing down of these experiences is hard to live with, the spiritual path is the ultimate marathon I assure you; along with assault courses perfectly placed on the route!

I have also experienced Divine Grace enough times to know things are OK and this life and yours is the mystical dance display of an infinite loving intelligence. It is a ride and all we can do is pretend we are the doers when if fact we are not.