The ‘Spiritual Heart’, the Juice of Enlightenment.

The enlightened ‘feeling’ has been a recurring theme during my awakening to true nature. This is a component of awakening that is being highlighted more in recent books and satsangs  and talks about the embodiment process after initial awakening to awareness in the Western non duality/Advaita/truth scene.

Bhaktas well know the love of the Divine as do Buddhists practicing loving kindness. I call this the ‘juice’ of awakening and is innate and unconditional, yet it can be illusive and frustrating to come back ‘online’.

From my experience bliss is the feeling, especially from the heart center, and or right side of the chest aka hridayam that is the cherry on the cake. Some say it is not always with them and is not such an important component to enlightenment….I disagree.

Because it is innate it is part and parcel of the sahaja realization whilst in nirvikalpa samadhi it is felt, but that realization is not the end and so is impermanent. Ramana Maharshi, Robert Adams, Deepa Ma, Anandamayi ma, Papa Ramdas and others all experienced this continual blissful realization. To me they are the way bearers.

Do we practice to re-feel the bliss of the awakened heart?  Or do we allow grace to operate? Paradoxically many teachers recommend both pathways.

Note the spiritual heart is not in a place in the body nor has it a center….another paradox.

So what do I do or not do? F*ck knows! And I know there is no personal doer….not seen through until seen through. Maybe…..keep refocusing whilst mindful of the ever present possibility of grace to descend and hope for some future resolution to my spiritual quest. Mean while putting up with such things as obnoxious noisy neighbors living their conditioned bliss at the expense of my desire for quiet. And a million other irritating situations the unfinished awakened life can offer; providing ironically fuel to the fire to keep on keeping on ‘spiritually’.

Else I can re-enter begrudgingly satsang (see my ‘About’, last few paragraphs to save you the life story) not so much for the spiel but to receive the infinite supply of the stabilized teacher’s  presence. Which historically has sent students over the precipice to stabilized presence joy. It happened to Jon Bernie, to Robert Adams, to Papa Ramdas et al.

We shall see or rather feel.