The Fuel of Suffering

Suffering… mainly emotional and mental, is the fuel that drives a spiritual seeker to find the truth of what he or she is.

Once we step into the carriage of seeking and the train pulls away from the station we are on a one way trip to ‘nirvana’.

The route is unknown and so is the timing of the destination. It’s a f*cking ride. Believe me!

Rest assured once we get glimpses of the final truth we are encouraged not to jump off the train. However we may do…… But our ticket is one way.

Any stations we stop off or escape to….alcohol, sex, tobacco, shopping, eating, complaining, work, warring etc soon become a jail house and we have no alternative but to get on the next train going to the same place as the one before.

And what’s at the end….hidden on the terminus platform…. a hungry lion! Our head is quickly caught in the lion’s mouth. It is then crunched and chomped down with the rest of our body and ego.

Don’t worry we become the lion!  A physical being remade from the inside out, one that can survey the terrain of this seemingly crazy world and affirm…..’it’s OK’.