Shaktipat and Awakening Part 1

I have had the grace of receiving shaktipat. Shakti or Divine energy permeates every thing, it is the energy of the Universe. I bought a book in a UK charity shop in the mid 90’s called ‘The Knee of Listening’ by Da Free John who since the writing of this book in the 70’s had changed his name several times. Da Free John was an American who as far as I can remember had experiences of what he called the ‘bright’ as a child and which he subsequently realized was the underlying energy/consciousness of reality.

Da Free John later met as a young man a dealer in Eastern artifacts mainly of a religious type called Rudhi. Rudhi had gone to India and had met a realized person there called Bhagavan Nityananda. Nityananda gave Rudhi the spiritual baptism of shaktipat which started a process of inner clearing and awakening of Rudhi’s energy body and consciousness. This process in India was recognized as a kick starter to awakening kundalini.

Back in New York Rudhi set up an Eastern antiques dealership being supplied by a devotee of Nityananda’s. Rudhi held meetings or satsangs where he sat on a stage in his shop and gave shaktipat just through his meditative presence. Da Free John met up with Rudhi and would over time receive shaktipat from him. Eventually Da Free John met another disciple of Nityananda’s, Muktananda in Ganeshpuri India. Da Free John considered Muktananda as his teacher but later reneged this acknowledgement and went onto write that he had attained a higher spiritual state than Muktananda.

In my opinion Da Free John was an eloquent and highly intelligent man but still had less than subtle attachment to his ego. Some would go as far and argue he suffered from megalomania later in life.

So back to this book. It is a long time since I read it but its impact is still doing its do on me or should I say the Shakti is as I received quite a jolt of Shakti from just reading it and looking at the many photos in the book. Following this initiation just by having this book I experienced years of kundalini kriyas and other inner and outer events that awakened me to my/your true nature.  These occurrences are still on going.

I will leave it there and continue in Part 2 which will be a series on ‘Shaktipat and Awakening’ that will include my thoughts and feelings on Reiki.

Your Display.

Amazing how complicated the story of enlightenment can be. What you have to do to get there and what you don’t do to avoid being left out this life time to finding or attaining that happy peace.

Efforting is useful, the kicker however is to question who is the one or what is the efforter?

To save time just realize what is looking at these words, this spiel, is the already awake awareness that has always been you; behind the mental facade of the ego, persona, actor.

The Direct Path is seeing this, you as already awake awareness and standing as that, refuting the relative actions of the ego persona as just that….relative and changeable whilst the screen of presence, the real ‘you’ is and has always been switched on.

Switched off aka the state of suffering is always temporary as we have glimpses of our innate happiness via orgasm, getting what we want (a feeling that is short lived until the next toy we want but never the less a window to remember), seeing a beautiful sunset, walking in a serene forest, eating ice cream etc.

Knowing the fact that all perception is received by you as cognizant presence that the material universe is really your perception and has no objective reality apart from its experience, experienced again by you….Awareness.

Thus the evidence is there is nothing else than this unfolding as it is; including inner fantasy, OBE’s NDE’s, kundalini kriyas and other such or similar fireworks.



‘Alfie’ at Belas Knap

I’m looking after my partner’s son’s Bedlington Whippet ‘Alfie’ today and tomorrow. Any one familiar with this breed of dog will know they are rather highly strung and need lots of exercise and attention….mind you Alf is a Leo and likes being in the limelight.

Alf was a good excuse for me to get out of hermit mode and go and visit a favorite place called Belas Knap, 16 miles away in Gloucestershire. As part of a dowsing assignment I went to the Knap for the first time on a Full Moon in October 2014 . The energies were dowsed to be beneficial and I felt like I was on a meditative high standing on top of the long barrow.

Our ancestors knew a thing or two about earth energies that give off certain healing vibrations. Belas Knap is on such a area. The Knap is apparently aligned with Uranus on a major ley line going through the middle of England called ‘The Duke Line’.

Belas Knap Wikipedia

Read ‘Heaven on Earth’ part way down.

The Duke Line

Hedge Druid

I also believe there was an antediluvian civilization that was highly advanced having knowledge of the Sciences and Arts that may have surpassed what we know today. This civ. could have passed on its knowledge to our megalithic ancestors hence all the aligned megaliths we see today to the stars and along earth energy lines. Earlier more advanced structures on earth energy lines may have been destroyed in the aftermath of a global catastrophe over 12,000 years ago.

Graham Hancock

Brien Foerster

We arrived back to the car both soaked from the persistent English drizzle. Back home Alfie had his breakfast and I enjoyed my pipe in the garage whilst occasionally throwing Alfie his ‘kong’ in the back garden. Belas Knap certainly gave us a nice boost.

Though Alfie is asleep now next to me as I type this.




Already On Your Throne.

Mountain of Spiritual

Attainment soars



A peak unattainable,

Only for giants such as

Your heroines and heroes.




The get out card

Is the seat you

Sit on…magical!


The ground of your

Own Being here and



You already aware

As perfect nature.

Transparent witness.

To all this.


You as the Base

Camp of Consciousness,

On the pathless recognition









You Never Know What’s Round the Corner.

Today I did my weekly pilgrimage to my parents. I like to do that as I’m not sure how long we have together. Both Mom and Dad are in their 70’s and time seems more precious now as their years dwindle.

However there was the reminder that today on my car trip that we never know when our time is up. The photo below shows a picture captured by my dashcam. A lorry is on my side of the road coming around a 90 degree bend. I know the route so well and from past experiences at this corner with on coming traffic I always slow down. Glad I did.


Lorry cunt

Thankfully I was being mindful and the lorry driver whether through luck or judgment had angled his lorry away from my car.

When our time is up our time is up, today it was not my turn. Such as it is living on the razor’s edge we call life.

Funny though amongst all this madness everything is as it should be…… numpty drivers and all.

What if we don’t make it?

A concern I have is not having a deeper stable realization before I shuffle off. This concern is allayed somewhat with my experience of life after death. Not much is said about the after death state in Western Non duality.

Coming from a family of psychics, my maternal Grandmother was ‘extremely psychic’, my mother is a healing medium teacher trained via the Spiritualists’ National Union and myself having trained as a clairvoyant with Debra Lynne Katz I am fortunate to know there are other relative dimensions where the mind/soul goes after ‘death’.

Having had OBEs as a child and visited astral dimensions as well as having a NDE later on I am confident there will be an opportunity to continue my sadhana in these other places or vibratory frequencies if I don’t make it.

Buddhism mentions the Purelands and I do believe these are real places; as ‘real’ as the Earthplane and so provide excellent environs for liberation; with intention one may go there after ‘death’.

I’m writing this just to say keep on keeping on and do not despair! We get a second bite at the liberation cherry and do not necessarily have to incarnate again in a lower density experience program like the ‘physical universe’.

Levels, Ups and Downs, Marathons and Grace.

For the purist you are either awake to your true nature or not. Therefore to assume one is awake and still have suffering points to the fact you are not from this hard line.

I go with the personal experience that there are levels to awakening. I awoke in 1999 to my true/your true nature and have experienced since then a lot of suffering both physical and psychological.

At times I have experienced profound unconditional peace, open hearted love for all and have been witness to the flowing nature of life just as it is with no sense of a self being experienced.

The closing down of these experiences is hard to live with, the spiritual path is the ultimate marathon I assure you; along with assault courses perfectly placed on the route!

I have also experienced Divine Grace enough times to know things are OK and this life and yours is the mystical dance display of an infinite loving intelligence. It is a ride and all we can do is pretend we are the doers when if fact we are not.

‘It’s a jungle out there’.

The jungle is blasted!

A desert of nakedness,

Dry old words,

Quakes of impending

Situations that come

And go.


The only transmission

Is the here and now!

Amongst the thorns

Of mental woe,

Rattling tales.


Whose bites

Are empty of

Lasting venom.

The ‘Spiritual Heart’, the Juice of Enlightenment.

The enlightened ‘feeling’ has been a recurring theme during my awakening to true nature. This is a component of awakening that is being highlighted more in recent books and satsangs  and talks about the embodiment process after initial awakening to awareness in the Western non duality/Advaita/truth scene.

Bhaktas well know the love of the Divine as do Buddhists practicing loving kindness. I call this the ‘juice’ of awakening and is innate and unconditional, yet it can be illusive and frustrating to come back ‘online’.

From my experience bliss is the feeling, especially from the heart center, and or right side of the chest aka hridayam that is the cherry on the cake. Some say it is not always with them and is not such an important component to enlightenment….I disagree.

Because it is innate it is part and parcel of the sahaja realization whilst in nirvikalpa samadhi it is felt, but that realization is not the end and so is impermanent. Ramana Maharshi, Robert Adams, Deepa Ma, Anandamayi ma, Papa Ramdas and others all experienced this continual blissful realization. To me they are the way bearers.

Do we practice to re-feel the bliss of the awakened heart?  Or do we allow grace to operate? Paradoxically many teachers recommend both pathways.

Note the spiritual heart is not in a place in the body nor has it a center….another paradox.

So what do I do or not do? F*ck knows! And I know there is no personal doer….not seen through until seen through. Maybe…..keep refocusing whilst mindful of the ever present possibility of grace to descend and hope for some future resolution to my spiritual quest. Mean while putting up with such things as obnoxious noisy neighbors living their conditioned bliss at the expense of my desire for quiet. And a million other irritating situations the unfinished awakened life can offer; providing ironically fuel to the fire to keep on keeping on ‘spiritually’.

Else I can re-enter begrudgingly satsang (see my ‘About’, last few paragraphs to save you the life story) not so much for the spiel but to receive the infinite supply of the stabilized teacher’s  presence. Which historically has sent students over the precipice to stabilized presence joy. It happened to Jon Bernie, to Robert Adams, to Papa Ramdas et al.

We shall see or rather feel.



Your Innate Felt Freedom

Deep in your

Heart of hearts

There you are!


Closing down, losing

This feeling is Ok!

It’s natural, it’s the

Human condition.


We’re all flawed


The heart is thus

Veiled temporarily.


Just feel-remember

Your right sided heart*.

A no center, blissful

Spacious and free.


Your Self!


* Note: as mentioned by Robert Adams.