‘Stoopid’ Humans

After a pleasant weekend celebrating my partner’s Mom’s 80th we got back to our little cold house. This house likes to be occupied.

I got some rubbish and went out to the back garden wheelies bins  and was affronted by the loutish loud tones of a biker gang member trash talking someone on his cell phone. Ahh wonderful I thought… sarcastically. It is unusual for our middle aged brain dead biker neighbour to have his hommies round. By the sounds someone had dissed one of their members and the war talk I over heard was unpleasant especially in an echoing outside setting.

Weird how we can live on a planet that gives us the opportunity to see into our true nature aka enlightenment and at the same time it allows for ‘younger souls’ to piss around and be infantile.

Indeed this is a strange place.