Practice of Non Practice

Enlightenment requires you sit 1000s of hours over decades to become liberated from the notion of egocentricity. Is the that true?

Awakening for me came a totally different way in a quarry in the Cotswolds, England. I had no teacher or guru. Or paid Western facilitator i.e. some wanna be non dual celeb. who has a book published or three, 5000 social media followers and the sanction of an ‘enlightened’ personage who can make wrong choices even if they think everything is perfect! I just had the companionship of another sincere seeker and we experienced our true selves over a period of several hours of inner and outer experiences.

Those who have sat on the mat and got it will usually recommend their way as the main way. I would say if questioned how to be awakened….well look around first and see what suits you but be careful and use your own discretion. Stay away from someone who does not answer your questions directly or has any sniff of ‘I am the awakened one only I can be the head honcho here’….run fast for the door!

You could say well I’m no expert….but inside you is a fount of wisdom. Discover that! Just have the prayer or intention for it to be revealed and see what happens over the days, weeks, months and maybe years afterwards.

There are a raft of folk who also have followed a professional psychological profession before awakening and now teach awakening. These folk are useful but again not experts on you….you are. They are also fallible and tend to fall back on their psychological paradigms. If a male teacher dyes their hair run…..ego a gogo!

As for Eastern teachers if you’re a Westerner like me check them out but know a whole lot of unnecessary culture and religious dogma is carried by these teachers. You don’t need a robe or a mala to be enlightened all you need is curiosity for the truth, a tenacious willingness and the humility to know you don’t know.

Each awakening journey is different. May yours be short and sweet.