Checking the goods.

It’s OK for those dudes who follow one path diligently and don’t have the search gene. What I mean is it can be a proverbial pain in the butt to be obsessive to look under every rock……i.e. checking out all or most of the spiritual traditions and the seemingly ever new load of books being published on spiritual truth.

But we are what we are. I was comforted by one conversation where the woman I talked to pointed out that looking into so many different paths might be useful for others to be told of in the future. They could glean what I had found and maybe cut some corners and avoid dead ends.

I’d like to think this blog will do this as I don’t really meet many like minded folk in this materialistic narcissist society I chose to incarnate into. The Internet is a double edged sword there can be deep wisdom found in certain places and in other sites complete egotistical even delusional BS.

Go for folk who don’t charge for pointing to who you are. No matter how enlightened they are those who charge for this unique service are deluding themselves that they are truly there whilst egocentricity still exists within them.

Be your own authority, many spiritual teachers can give ‘off base’ advice. To give advice on addictions when a teacher has not experienced that particular addiction I feel is giving fake help.

Not many non dual teachers are honest enough just to say ‘I don’t know’ to certain questions where they have no knowledge or experience of the question.  Instead many provide platitudes that can be more harmful than good……no one however enlightened has all the answers. So be frosty out there and get out of Dodge when your BS meter begins to beep.