The Factory Mantra

I worked in a factory as a kid of 16  in the mid 80s it was dark, shitty, loud, full of metal shavings and heat from the foundry.  The guys who worked hard there did so for little pay including my Dad. They would often use a phrase when machines went down; of which most had not been replaced since the 40’s or 50’s.

“The f*ckin f*ckers f*ckin f*ucked”

This was often shouted, in different dialects from Black Country (‘Yam Yams’) Brummie (‘Yo Yos’) and the local town (‘Cabbage Gnawers’) dialect. The f’s were just the right set of words to use in that male dominated environment and kept us amused through hard laborious shifts.

I think this would be a good mantra…..saying the Holy Mantra of True Enlightenment….the ‘Four F’s Mantra’ several malas a day should soon bring on swift deep realizations 😉