I don’t believe it!

I just learned that a non dual teacher I’ve emailed a few times is as fallible as I am. And that’s cool. It’s the old guru shizz, not his fault rather mine for being too quick to take the advice of others. Maybe it’s a past life thing, and I was a faithful chela to my guru/s and held their word as gospel.  But then that’s what we’re taught through school to defer to the teacher’s, professor’s, priest’s ‘higher’ knowledge and years of experience. To be a good worker bee and dream only of being our own master.

This non dual guy said to just choose one spiritual path and follow that, yet the irony was he got to his deeper peace by doing what I felt compelled to do i.e. check many paths.

Do we just stumble and find our own way, do we follow multiple paths or do we stick for a lifetime to one path well trod? F’ck knows. All I know is each day is different, things change, I’m getting older and I want deeper peace sooner than later. Life is teaching me I have little control over it e.g. people parking in awkward places, other dog owners acting stupidly, Uncles getting inoperable cancer, war mongers and robber banksters…..and the odd alien invader 🙂

So maybe greater peace is accepting the thoughtless c**ts of this world as well as my whinging pom self. It might be the case I’ll always be a Victor Meldrew.

Ironically I just bought the non dual guy’s latest book on Amazon. I already have three of his………’I don’t believe it!’