Chiron Returns

Currently transiting Chiron is one degree from my natal Chiron in Pisces in the fourth conjunct the IC. I am a few months off being 50. It’s been an interesting time. Several physical illnesses came one after the other recently and more than usual. Psychologically O brother it’s been a ride as transiting Chiron made its influence known.

When I searched the literature regarding the Chiron return I found the usual tome written by Melanie Rhinehart which is useful and some good blog posts by seasoned astrologers notably Joyce Mason (see links below). Still I felt the information was wanting (I have 5 planets in the ninth…a spiritual info junkie :-)) i.e. first hand accounts by folk going through this time. Though Joyce does a good job I wanted more accounts to see what this transit does to us….I know we all have different natal set ups but there is a commonality of experience as well.

With my natal Chiron opposing my natal MC conjunct Uranus conjunct Puto in Virgo in the ninth and Chiron trine natal  Neptune conjunct the Ascendant in the Twelth. Life has been rather interesting to say the least…..and enlightening with this transit.

In many ways Chiron’s transit has blown my socks, of so to speak, and left me with WTF. It’s been and I am sure will continue to be cathartic, healing and liberating over the time it transits.

I am working more now with the mindbody connection and find Dr John E Sarno’s work invaluable along with the work of other Tension Myoneural Syndrome writers. Hopefully a long standing physical symptom a consequence of repressed old mental wounds (Chironic family wounding) will clear up during this time. I feel this transit gives us the chance to do such deep inner clearing work.

It’s teaching me that everything is synchronized and that there is a higher power that wonderfully co-ordinates this display we call life. I will post more info. as this transit continues and sets me up for my Saturn return 🙂

Some links I found useful.

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