Diddly Doer Mu’er

There are 7 billion humes on this planet and growing. Countless animals, insects and microbes. The weather though largely modified…another story, has infinite patterns. The Sun emits solar flares that effect us electro magnetically. The planets and stars effect us, if you study astrology you’ll know. And we think we can manifest what we like. Hmmmm.

The only way we can manifest what we like is to accept what is here now, warts and all and pretend that any modifications via willful or letting go based manifesting we make are us doing them.

But please cogitate if everything is as it is how could our small minds have  a f’king clue what’s going on. The matrix is too intricate, vast and convoluting.  Any ideas of control is futile….sorry it’s that black and white. Question the doer of this cosmic dream the head honcho/ess is diddlin the do.

Sit back chill and ponder…… else stiffen up and rage….whatever.

NB/ Just my two cents and it’s up for change.

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