I love my car it’s my little meat carrying capsule that gets me to my folks 25 miles away and occasional trips into our ever dwindling wilder countryside…if you live in the UK  and care about the environment you’ll know. The coiffured hedges and mono crops make me puke, so f’ing tidy and a desert for wildlife.

Back to cars they are great, but they take up so much room when parked and unoccupied. How many journeys are made with just one person in a car compared to a full car load of humes? The UK is just one big car park. The older housing stock have no garages and so the streets are littered with our metal friends, who bully pavement users with their have on half off the kerb bulky bodies. The middling housing of recent years have garages but these are used to collect all our unwanted junk so multiple cars spew onto the street.

As a 70s kid I played in the road and there were far fewer cars, now as folk are forced to travel longer to work a car is almost a necessity. Where will this end? Hopefully smaller electric cars, one seaters, more cheaper electric bicycles and more folk working from home escaping the slavedom of faceless big corp…..the creator of this mess.

I dream on……..


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