Eckhart Tolle was one of the most important figures in the last two decades to bring into the mass market the truth of who we are. And of course his popularity would be nothing like it is without Oprah’s endorsement. Everything is dependent on something else.

Apart from Eckhart other big guns on the Western deeper truth scene for example have been Byron Katie, Adyashanti, Mooji, and Gangaji.  There are multiple others of course. A whole host of folk have awakened to their true nature, many now teach for cash some good some bad…maybe millions have awakened and just get on with daily life.

On the Eastern front we have traditional non dual teachings from Buddhism via Zen and Dzogchen and Hinduism with Advaita Vedanta and Kundalini yoga for example. These traditions have thousands of years of spirituality, but with a heavy cultural biases of course and can be off putting to the Western mind.

I rather liked the Eastern teachings and its bhakti elements but as I got older I wanted the truth spelled out to me in my own language and cultural setting. I followed neo-advaita for several years. My interpretation of this system was that you were either getting it or not. And even if you had a genuine awakening the usual return of ‘bad’ behaviors was viewed as not having a real awakening of non self. Or it was just OK to behave badly because there was no self.

Neo Advaita also has had its casualties as folk who said they awakened had more of a head/transcendent awakening and fell for a rather nihilistic outlook. Some even took their own lives unfortunately. I would not advise this path.

So what’s left . Well for me a gradual deepening or stabilizing of my awakening and dealing with my shadow side with some psychology, body work and just observation. I mean I have a lifetime of shit to clear out. As things clear my heart feels more lighter and loving, my body more relaxed and lighter and I feel more connect to a world that feels less hostile.

I also feel more autonomous in that I become my own coach and rely less on teachers, gurus and the down right fakers I encountered during the start of my spiritual search.





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