The only expert…


Gandalf our beloved Scottish Deerhound RIP. A magical being.

The only expert is yourself. Kings and Queens, Rinpoches and Satgurus all just point to the moon whether it’s the moon of materiality and kingdoms or the spiritual ground of stabilized awareness embodied.

With a lot of prayer and sincerity for us mere mortals who need decades to awaken and stabilize we keep on keeping on until there is that unrelenting flow of accepting non self isness expressing as love and wisdom.

The initial awakening supports us. I read that Kalu Rinpoche recommended to remember that first awakening and keep going back to that, certainly not so much the place of and people there definitely the awareness of awakeness, clarity and knowing that the jewel of the ground of being was there…and still is here.

My faith is continually restored by the small things in life, my partner bringing me a hot drink in the morning at 6.00am; my Mother’s take away food she lovingly gives me when I visit and the photos of our Deerhound Gandalf, now over the Rainbow bridge, nudging me from his image to remember good times and great walks.

Amongst the seeming madness there is grace operating… areas we may need reminding of.

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