Did the Buddha ever slip in dog shit?


Thought a banana would be less eww 🙂


Did the Buddha ever slip in dog shit? I doubt it by all accounts. I do….well metaphorically, as in the UK there’s a heavy fine for leaving your dog’s poop on the pavement. Unlike my 70’s childhood of slipping in dog crap on the pavements regularly. Now a days there is none…. well a lot less, so the chance of surfing the literal brown stuff is low….shame really.

Again metaphorically, as the real event can result in broken bones, a slip up is good for us. And since awakening to my/our true nature man have I slipped up many a time, and I dare say will continue to do so.

Life I believe wants us to have egos to operate but not to be egocentric. And life will bring us what ever is needed to wake us up to the truth of what is…..with a sense of humour and compassion.

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