Health and Awakening

The myth that all is bliss and OKness after awakening needs to be dispelled. I recently read some pages from Jeff Foster’s ‘The Deepest Acceptance’ and resonated with him as he accounted of feeling intense pain after an operation and that it was ironically OK to be not OK with pain. As what is here is already here. Cool! Like Jeff though if inclined painkillers are still useful and of course medical treatment.

This helped me as I have had a health issue for many years that remains stubborn to heal and gives me discomfort and a sense of loss of being ‘strong’. Yet it’s here and no amount of avoiding it except for lying down all the time, which is impractical, will it go away. At times I am OK with it and the discomfort and other times really frustrated with it. I also believe it is a manifestation of TMS and will get better…see Dr John E Sarno’s work.

But it remains till it has gone and will do so maybe up till dropping the body. And still behind all this is the ever aware awakened nature holding all this as it is.

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