Can you choose to love now?



I recently listened to an Adyashanti guided meditation I downloaded from Sounds True. Only a 15 minute guided meditation but a real help. Adya used the phrase ‘I choose to love now’.

A simple phrase but can also be a powerful heart opener. After awakening we can get stuck in a rather nice peaceful ‘place’ which is transcendent, mentally quiet, bodily relaxing yet not juicy. It’s the initial awakening to our non personal nature.

I’ve had short experiences of being this flow state, the longest lasting a week, maybe others get into it for months or years. Yet it’s not the end though. The state of balance that is the witness to all that is is still attached to a body relatively speaking.

Diving deeper and down we come to the expression of consciousness via the heart center. Phrases like Adya’s can unlock this heart expression; a natural occurrence as egocentricity wanes.

The spiritual heart awakened is not the end as there is still a lowering of the awakening process to the hara.  It is a nice place to hang out as the heart keeps cycling back to open and deepen it’s breadth of love as life continues.

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