What is Awakening to One’s True Nature?


Awakening to one’s true nature, Self-Realization, enlightenment etc is a sudden event or shift in perception. The feeling after this shift can be pleasant as if one is in a flow state, there is usually a sense of bodily relaxation, a significant slow down on thoughts, a non attachment to things a sort of laissez faire attitude and sometimes a blissful feeling emanating from the center of one’s chest.

This state can last for several days, weeks, months or even years. Very few people have a smooth transition.  It is more the case that old behavioral patterns, and with some people addictions, also resurface during the deeper bodily awakening that occurs as the enlightened awareness clears the subtle body of blocked energy and egocentric programming. The aftermath of awakening can therefore be ironically extremely distressing.

The good thing is is this is a natural process and not a spiritual failure where seemingly one has lost the insight they had to their true nature. Awareness is remember always present! Old patterns are released in appropriate ways if one remains faithful to the path of freedom.

If you spent many years seeking then a few more years after awakening is worth the further effort or practice to see deeper realization. The enlightenment process never ends anyway. This deeper realization is seeing that the world and ‘you’ are one you are not only transcendent but also fundamentally intimate with everything else.

Compassion thus grows and a knowledge that all is well and has always been so.